How to change your ink pad

The ink pad on all self-inking stamp models can be easily replaced to ensure a perfect imprint. When ordering, please make sure that the replacement ink pad matches your current stamp model. You will find the name of the pad on the back of your existing ink pad. In order to find the number, you need to remove the pad of your stamp.

Replacement of the ink pad is very similar for all self-inking stamps:

  • Press down the stamp slightly (approx. 3mm)
  • Lock stamping mechanism (in order to remove / insert the ink pad)
  • Pull or push out old ink pad
  • Insert new ink pad
  • Release 'Lock-mode' (by pressing down stamp onto a piece of paper)

Replacing the ink pad for tripod stamps:

Video instructions:

Replacing ink pads for compact stamp models:

Trodat Printy (new models)

Trodat Printy (old models)

If you are inserting a new Trodat Printy ink pad into an old model, two lateral brackets will break off when inserting the ink pad. These brackets are only needed for the new models.

Colop Printer (new models)

With the new Colop Printer models, the plastic housing must be lifted to allow access to the ink pad.

Video instructions:

Using our Quick search you will easily find the right ink pad for your existing stamp model.